For over 20 years, we have been travelling inTurkey - from Troy to Mount Ararat.
’We’ - that is Susanne Oberheu - born 1962 - and Michael Wadenpohl - born 1960.
But we settled down in Cappadocia, in the then still small pottery town of Avanos.
Other expeditions followed: to Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Syria - always alone and with our own car. Yet we liked it best in Cappadocia: the open-hearted race of men had given us the opportunity to make friends - in this grand landscape. In 2006 we finally had the idea for this guide, and during our investigations we once again noticed how much there is yet to discover in Cappadocia.
Our book will help you spend a perhaps slightly different - and thus unforgettable - holiday in Cappadocia.



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