The Contents of our Guide:

Part 1: deals with general issues that relate to the country and its people.
We tell you about the history of the country, its inhabitants, the flora and fauna and the spectacular topography of Cappadocia.
Part 2: informs you about all matters that concern the traveller in
Cappadocia. Here you learn how to get along in the country, the best equipment and how to best adapt to the foreign culture.
Part 3: shows you the sights of Cappadocia, and describes the places in
the region. At the end of each town, you will find a list of hotels in different categories.
Part 4: Describes various hiking routes.
Each route description is provided with a map for better orientation.

... a few words about our book


It was very important to us authors to write a guidebook that meets the needs of the traveller, but also those of the local population. Our book is intended to help build bridges between cultures and overcome ancient prejudices.
Thus, the chapters on the country and its people and on the general travel tips are substantially longer than might otherwise be known of a tour guide. It was also very important to us that the readers should be able to organize their trip to Cappadocia on their own. We have embellished this issue with little anecdotes from our 20-year-old Turkish experiences, and we hope that reading this is also fun and will prepare you for the country and its people.
We hope that with this book we have succeeded in making your holiday in Cappadocia a unique experience, full of adventure, discovery and new knowledge.
In this sense, we wish you an unforgettable journey to Cappadocia.

Susanne Oberheu and Michael Wadenpohl