The Little Hiking Guide

Here in the 4th part of this travel guide you will now find some hiking routes which we have explored for you.
As we have already described in the chapter on “walking”, we want to point out to you again that the roads and footpaths that wind through the valleys are often very narrow. You should abstain from doing the hiking tours described here if you do not feel steady on your feet, as there is no mountain rescue service in Cappadocia. Unfortunately, the National Park administration still has not managed to mark the hiking routes. The few colour spray markings are often quite contradictory or have been destroyed by erosion and originate from the commitment of the local tourism companies. However, wooden signs have meanwhile been put up at the start and the end points of the hiking routes.
We advise special caution on the narrow paths after heavy rain. The tuff grit on the paths will then change into a slippery mass on which you will find only little support. After rainy days you should change your plans and do the hikes uphill, though this makes orientation more difficult. All hiking routes – except route 3A – are described in a downhill direction.
Finally, a remark on the times given for the various routes. Of course the time needed for one of the walks can vary considerably individually. Our statements can therefore only serve as indications and should not be taken too literally.