A   T r a v e l g u i d e   . . .

About a region 1000 metres above
sea level right in the heart of Turkey.
A green oasis brimming with culture
and history set in the rugged Anatolian uplands.

Famous for its breathtaking volcanic landscape.
Secret villages tucked away in a wild, fissured,
craggy landscape.
Hidden in winding gorges, ancient churches
and monasteries decorated with
precious Byzantine frescoes.

Subterranean cities that remain a mystery to this day. Because of its unique qualities it is a
UNESCO World Heritage site and
is also a World Natural Heritage Site and is as lively as a bazaar.

The first and so far only international travel guide exclusively about the region of Cappadokia.
Unique in its wealth of information.
The most extensive guide to be published to date not a mere coffee-table book!

356 pages
over 100 mostly black and white photographs
30 maps of walking trails and detailed tourist maps created exclusively for this guide!
The first-ever bus timetable for Cappadokia!
List of holiday accommodations with price list.
A cultural guide, a hiking guide and a Turkish language guide all in one.


1st Edition
ISBN 978-3-8391-5661-2
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